Monday, June 8, 2009

Free will, predestiny or do we have to choose?

We all have the ability to use our memories to look back at past events. If we were to do so we would be aware that at one particular point in our past we chose to do some particular thing. In the present moment, free will implies that we have the ability to choose to do any particular thing.

In the past we supposedly had this ability too, but we chose to do one particular thing that leads us to our present moment. In the future we will be able to look back at the present and see that at this point I chose to write this sentence (and you chose to read it) – that we chose to do this one particular thing. Furthermore, someone one billion years from now could look back at any point in our lives and observe that we chose to do whatever we did.

If everything that happened prior to now was fixed and happened the way it did, it seems ridiculous to assume that the same won't still be true a few moments from now (and then again and again off until infinity).

These ideas point heavily in favour of a predestined universe, but I have to admit it sure feels like I have a choice about what I write on this blog.

Perhaps predestiny need not conflict with having free will or choice. Perhaps what we call choice we do indeed have in the moment, however, the choice that we were going to make was predestined because someone a thousand years from now could look back on your life and see that you chose to do whatever it was that you were predestined to choose.

Think about it like this: It is possible for a person one billion years from now (with an advanced video camera that can look through time) to look back on your life and see that at any point in your life right up to your death you did one particular thing. Now you haven't yet made all the choices that will lead you through your life towards your death but you are destined to corroborate with the observations that could be made by some advanced person in the future regarding your choices in life.