Thursday, June 11, 2009

Science assisting world peace

Science and technology have been advancing at a remarkable pace. One large contribution to changing our lives is the cell phone - not least of which because modern versions have the ability to take photographs and capture video clips.

Citizens who take pictures and video clips of injustices that they see can broadcast the information immediately - oppressive states have been losing their grip on the flow of information for a long time. Cell phones (like most technologies) have been steadily coming down in price for a long time (this is where capitalism finally gets to shine). In the not too distant future every human will be able to afford a basic cellular phone that can take a picture and be used for a coordinated vote. While the cellular phone does not provide protection from a bullet, it does allow another to take a picture and spread it instantaneously. If this does not result in the downfall of oppressive regimes it should at least force them to behave themselves.

At present undemocratic and brutal regimes retain their power by banning/brutalizing/censoring the media (which can act as an alternative voice to accepted government opinion).

P.S. If science ever led us to super cool futuristic technologies like Star Trek's transporters then world peace would be all the easier to achieve (use the transporter to take the weapons away from abusive people).