Saturday, October 3, 2009

Science and physics studying consicousness and God

Physics attempts to explain the universe around us. The universe is broken down into explainable equations and relationships based on a few basic principles that attempt to explain the nature of the universe. In standard physics, explaining the universe has typically been limited to explaining matter (and the fundamental forces that govern their interactions). Very few attempts have been made that try to incorporate other known natural phenomena of the universe - like consciousness - into a mathematical or physical model of the universe. I have never heard a convincing explanation for the phenomenon of consciousness that is based purely on our understanding of matter and the fundamental forces that govern matter's interaction.

It should be noted that the four fundamental forces from the standard model of physics seems likely to be incomplete (the four forces as presently described do not allow for stable atoms --> if energy is applied to an atom and an inner shelled electron is ionized then a chain spectral pattern can be observed where the second shell electron falls into the inner shell and the third shell electron falls into the second shell etc. The atom would not be stable because as the forces are described, the electron moving inwards from the second shell to the first shell has both its kinetic energy and the electromagnetic force (which is quite substantial) pulling it towards the nucleus. If the true physics of the universe were based purely on the standard model of physics then these electrons would regularly annihilate with a subatomic particle in the atom's nucleus and matter would likely be much less stable than we all observe it to be. At present the strong force is thought to drop off extremely quickly outside of the nucleus, however, it seems more plausible to me that it is playing some role in keeping the atom stable.

We know that science is a study of the universe. I like to think that perhaps fully understanding the universe is also to fully understand God. And that one can approach God from any avenue (any or all of the world's religious traditions) or even through logical reason and scientific analysis.
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind" - Albert Einstein