Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing democracy to the United Nations

A short point on obvious shortcomings at the United Nations.

I love the idea behind the United Nations: create a forum for world leaders and diplomats in an effort to minimize war and national conflicts. But I also believe in democracy, something the United Nations only pretends to practice. UN resolutions etc. are passed by pseudo-democratic vote in the General Assembly. As in a normal democratic institution, resolutions etc. are passed by some sort of majority vote. The problem is that each world nation gets exactly 1 vote. Liechtenstein (population 35,000) gets one vote and India (population 1.2 billion) also gets 1 vote. It is no wonder people don't take the resolutions coming out of the UN general assembly seriously. Each country's vote should be weighted by the number of citizens in that country that could have theoretically voted for the present leader (ie. the number of registered voters or something like that).

Here's to dreaming of democracy for the whole world in this new year!