Saturday, January 9, 2010

Preventing cancer and other problems with alkaline pills?

Cancer cells proliferate in acidic environments. A healthy human is free of cancer and is not acidic (typical healthy pH is slightly basic: 7.4). But it is common for people to have unhealthily low pH levels (more acidic).

Coffee, alcohol and meats are all extremely common and they lead to a more acidic body. Body acidity is good for cancer growth and I would love to see a study which estimates a person's cancer risk factor if they have an acidic pH level. Acidic pH levels have also been associated with a number of other medical problems like muscle pain and joint pain / arthritis.

I love meat and many other acid inducing foods and drinks. Today I took a pH test which came in at around 6.6 - 6.7, anything below 7.35 is called acidosis. I am now taking alkaline pills and am hoping to get my pH back up to 7.4, if it helps alleviate my muscle and joint pain I will write about it (and that would be awesome). Given that cancer proliferates in acidic environments, I can't help but wonder what worldwide cancer rates would be if everyone took alkaline pills to make sure their body's pH is kept at a healthy 7.4. Or another way of putting it is: we need to know the risk factor for cancer associated with an acidic pH.