Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pre-censored in China

It was recently discovered that this website comes pre-censored in China. The website is hosted by Google's free service which apparently has long been censored in China. It would seem that the Chinese Communist government doesn't like it that anyone can create a website in this space and write anything they want!

The founder of communist China, Mao Tse Tung told all of the Chinese to smelt steel in their backyards. The steel was terrible - and so was Mao. If someone came to my door with a gun and told me to smelt steel in my backyard I would do it - and the steel would suck too.

Now in modern China, the communist party has moved away from Mao's ridiculous ideas on development (like forcing the citizenry to smelt steel in their backyards) and embraced a form of capitalism. However, they hung on to traditional communist practices of message control (hence the blogspot ban) and feeding the population large quantities of propaganda.

So the Chinese communist party heavily censors everything that looks bad on them: the Tiananmen square massacre, the brutalization of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, corruption of any kind by a high level communist government official.

Just today I thought of how similar post World War 2 Chinese history has been to the book Animal Farm. The book is a parable (mimicking communism) that takes place on a farm where the animals take over the farm from the farmer in a revolution (animals representing the people and the farmer representing the former nobility). But by the end of the book the animals running the farm (the pigs incidentally) were behaving just like the former farmer (nobility) - living it up at the expense of the rest. The Chinese government appears to fit this role beautifully.

The upper brass of the communist party of China are extremely rich - many individuals are in charge of national corporations. Through their government, the Chinese people own billions of dollars of unused money. Simultaneously, they preside over a nation with huge numbers of ridiculously poor people.

Perhaps they should rename "The Communist party of China" to "the Capitalist Dictatorship party of China".

Addition: according to this website China has a total of 2.85 trillion dollars in foreign reserves. That money could have a huge impact on China's poorest inhabitants, if only the Chinese leadership were interested in investing much more substantially in their poor (they have the money that it would take readily availble).