Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Humorous Aside: What's new pussycat?

I recently read in the news (the globe and mail) that in Indonesia they have a delicacy called Kopi Luwak which is a special kind of coffee prized for its smoothness.

It turns out it is really expensive (about 200 dollars for a pound) and the reason for the hefty price is that it is harder to make than normal coffee. Harder because first they must feed the coffee beans to a cat-like animal called a civet (it is similar to a mongoose) and looks like this:

The beans ferment in the cat's stomach and eventually get pooped out. The pooped beans are then cleaned and roasted to make the coffee.

The ridiculous costs for this drink make me think of wealthy Indonesian elite sitting on sidewalk cafes and beautiful beaches sipping their cat poop coffee ;-)

Maybe someone should start a new franchise chain to sell the stuff - they can call it Starkucks. As I said previously, Kopi Luwak is prized for its smoothness. Starkucks could adopt the slogan: our coffee is smoother than ex-lax.

August 19th update: I've heard a rumour that right here in Toronto there is a coffee shop (apparently on Eglinton Ave.) that sells this cat poop coffee. Mmmmm mmmm good! Apparently it sells for only 15 dollars per cup!