Monday, September 13, 2010

New developments in statistical machine learning research with application to breast cancer detection

Article on a new statistical machine learning technique recently published and presented. The technique's abilities have been demonstrated in breast cancer detection from state-of-the-art MRI examinations.

I've returned from Argentina and the conference (IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society) was highly successful. I was supposed to hang around my poster for 1.5 hours but it ended up being closerto 3 hours because my research got a lot of interest from the other researchers attending the conference. The paper presents an applied mathematics solution to a multidimensional statistical pattern recognition problem known as classification or supervised learning. It is compared with the support vector machine (one of the very best pattern recognition techniques available for this problem) and demonstrates its use as a breast cancer detection mechanism from MRI examinations. The paper itself should soon be indexed on the ieeexplore website, however, it should be okay to publish the conference poster here at Spotlight-on-Science as it is not doing any good now that it has been presented. IEEExplore hosts the conference paper I wrote, but not the poster that I presented at the conference.

Click on the image to enlarge (the file is quite big!)

For the nerds out there this is a technique to draw a manifold or boundary (a plane in high dimensional space) that separates two groups of high dimensional numbers. This is used in breast cancer detection by making multiple measurements per region of tissue. This technique combines the measurements taken to predict the location of cancerous tissues. This is a potentially highly useful application of multidimensional mathematics. The application field for this type of equation is sometimes called machine learning, supervised learning or classification in the literature.

While I was away in Argentina I was struggling along as a gringo with next to no Spanish abilities - if only I had these dolphins around to help me translate: (once again, thank to Gary Larson and the Far Side)