Friday, November 5, 2010

The chronic food crisis

The chronic food crisis has been the subject of numerous articles on Spotlight-on-Science.

The chronic food crisis also appears prominently in my book Spontaneous Combustion. I have recently finished a multimedia presentation on the chronic food crisis and have made it available here. As can be seen, multimedia presentations are not part of my standard skill-set but thought it was worth a try since the problem is so substantial. Note that the video has music (Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World). I am hopeful that Louis Armstrong's estate will not be upset since it is being used in a non-profit manner in an effort to help the poor.

Jacob Levman

One of its main shortcomings was a lack of impressive visual imagery. The following similar multimedia video has also been included - it does a much better job in terms of visual imagery.

Here's to hoping for a better world where no one goes hungry.