Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brief: MRI lowers the mortality of women at high risk for breast cancer

This is very exciting news. The New York Times has just begun reporting on a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Dutch researchers monitored a group of over 2,000 women at high-risk for breast cancer with magnetic resonance imaging technology (MRI). After 6 years of follow up only 4 of the very high risk patients (BRCA mutation carriers, 50-85% lifetime risk) died and 100% of the moderately high risk patients (15-50% lifetime risk) survived. The author's compare their impressive results with other studies which showed that 5 year survival without MRI based detection yields a 74% survival rate.

MRI helps improve breast cancer survival by contributing to catching tumours early when treatments are much more effective.

These results are very exciting, it is challenging and requires many years to demonstrate that any technology built for screening cancer is contributing to saving lives, MRI has reached a huge milestone with these exciting new results.