Monday, January 24, 2011

Site Update: Nature Publishing Group Network

This website (formerly With a Grain of Salt) has been added as part of the Nature Publishing Group's network of science-themed independent websites (blogs). Entry is dependent on the opinion of Nature Publishing Group along with the results of an election where existing bloggers admitted into Nature's network are given a vote on new entries. I have since renamed this website Spotlight on Science and given it a more professional layout.

This website was originally founded as a blog with the title With A Grain of Salt and the web address (all traffic is now being routed to The site was submitted for consideration and just today was admitted into the Nature family of blogs (a set of good quality science-themed websites).

Nature puts together an impressive collection of scientific publications, it is an honour for Spotlight-on-Science / With A Grain of Salt to be included as part of their network of science-themed independent websites.