Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update: News on the Nature Front

I have good news, I am now part of the editorial board for Nature's Scientific Reports. I will be in charge of the peer review process for research papers in biophysical and computational methods in cancer research (etc.). The journal removes the subjective decision of how significant a research study appears to be in order to be worthy of publication (which is great!). Instead the publication of papers is contingent upon being technically and scientifically sound as well as original.

The journal is put out by the extremely successful Nature Publishing Group and is also open access - of which I am also very supportive. This allows all research studies published at the journal to be read by anyone in the world (who has the luxury of an internet connection). I look forward to performing my duties as an editorial board member and also look forward to publishing some of my work with them.

Jacob Levman, PhD
Imaging Research
Sunnybrook Research Institute
University of Toronto