Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Detecting Breast Cancer by Assessing the Lesion's Margin

I recently published an article with the journal Academic Radiology. The paper presents a method for assessing a tumour's margin towards the detection of breast cancer from state-of-the-art MRI examinations. Malignant margins tend to appear diffuse and variable by virtue of cancerous lesions being characterized by invading into neighbouring tissues. Margin measurements also have potential applications in the assessment of whether a lumpectomy (removing a lesion via surgery)   actually successfully removed the entire tissue of interest, however, this article is focused on using the margin measurement towards a more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer from MRI examinations. 

Computer-aided detection and diagnosis systems are one of my primary areas of research interest. Here is a link to the article (currently in press) over at Academic Radiology. I am not reproducing the article in this post as it is subject to copyright laws (journals vary considerably in what type of copyright they take out on different types of articles that they publish).