Thursday, October 6, 2011

Site Update: Nature Blogs

This website was originally founded under the name With A Grain of Salt and was eventually listed with Nature Publishing Group's network of independent science themed blogs / websites (you can check out their network over at More recently I have revamped this website to look more professional and renamed it Spotlight on Science. Under the new name, this website has been re-included into Nature Publishing Group's network of high quality independent blogs.

Admission to the Nature Publishing Group blog network is at the discretion of Nature's editorial staff and the decision is made under the advisement of the results of an election voted on by existing members of the nature blogger network. As a member I will have the ability to vote on the addition of new blogs into Nature's network. It is an honour for Spotlight-on-Science to be included among the high quality blogs deemed meritorious by such a prestigious organization as Nature Publishing Group.

This website gets featured on pages over at Nature (here is an example) and interesting articles produced by Nature bloggers get featured on some of Nature's sites.