Monday, March 28, 2016

Multivariate Analyses in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

I recently published an article on the use of multivariate analyses in neurodevelopmental disorders among pediatric populations receiving brain MRI examinations. This review article covers the state of the research literature on developmental disorders such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, epilepsy, cortical dysplasia, schizophrenia, etc. for studies that include multivariate analyses. Multivariate analyses are such that they involve the simultaneous assessment of multiple variables at the same time (normal studies will only consider each measured variable individually). Since many measurements are obtainable from a single MRI examination, multivariate techniques have the potential to identify combinations of underlying physiological conditions associated with a variety of different neurodevelopmental disorders.

My paper was published in the journal NeuroImage: Clinical and can be accessed here. As can be seen in the paper, there are many multivariate analysis techniques available which can be divided into two main groups: traditional multivariate statistical analysis methods and (generally more modern) machine learning based techniques. I have a lot of background in research on machine learning methodologies especially with applications in medical imaging as can be seen in many of the articles available on this website. 

Many research articles are located behind a paywall (where a random person on the internet would not be able to access the research without paying a fee). Fortunately, NeuroImage: Clinical is an open access journal, so this research article is fully accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Normally I review my research article findings in more detail than is provided in this article, however, since this is an open access journal (freely available) and since the review topic is extensive including results from many studies in the literature addressing many different medical conditions, I will merely provide the link to the original manuscript for those readers with a keen interest in this topic.

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