Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Canada Research Chair

Dr. Levman (the founder of has recently started a new faculty position as the Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics at St. Francis Xavier University's Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (recently ranked the #2 computer science department in Canada by Maclean's in terms of field weighted citation impact, an indication of the department's excellent research output).

St. Francis Xavier University is ranked as one of Canada's very best educational institutions and Dr. Levman is thrilled to join the faculty and contribute to the University's outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching. The University also houses a wide array of great researchers and as a Canada Research Chair, Dr. Levman is excited to contribute to furthering our understanding of neurological maturation and associated developmental disorders with advanced mathematical, statistical and computational technologies applied to pediatric MRI examinations. St. FX's motto
means whatsoever is true. This encapsulates the spirit of open-minded scientific pursuit that Dr. Levman cherishes and is keen to pursue at St. FX.

Dr. Levman was also simultaneously promoted to a Research Associate position with Boston Children's Hospital (the #1 ranked pediatric hospital in America) and Harvard Medical School (Department of Pediatrics). Dr. Levman's research will be focused on collaborative efforts combining advanced technological work with neuroscience research in collaboration with Dr. Emi Takahashi (a neuroscientist) of Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.