Dr. Levman is Spotlight-on-Science's editor and a breast cancer researcher, which is reflected in a number of the articles published here at Spotlight-on-Science. One of Dr. Levman's research focuses is in computer-aided diagnosis systems for a variety of medical conditions, including cancer from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations. In that capacity Dr. Levman has published results in the top technical journal in the field (IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging) indicating that advanced statistical methods can be used to improve breast cancer computer-aided diagnosis over existing commercial methods. Dr. Levman has also published commercially and clinically relevant results relating to ensuring that computer-aided diagnosis systems for breast MRI are able to catch very small cancers. That study, published in Academic Radiology, demonstrates some of the impressive abilities of MRI in breast cancer detection. One of the figures from that paper illustrates a particularly small cancerous tumour confirmed by biopsy. These results were made possible by an amazing team of researchers and staff at Sunnybrook Hospital who have run an excellent clinical trial catching many small cancers (and they've published considerable work including in the Journal of the American Medical Association). Dr. Levman has also published articles on breast cancer screening in Science and the British Medical Journal and has also authored a popular commentary on problems with thermography published here at Spotlight-on-Science.

A full listing of all of the breast cancer related articles published at Spotlight-on-Science is available here.